Friday, 6 May 2011

Premiere at East End Film Festival 2011

The premiere of Under the Cranes at the Rio Cinema in Dalston on April 30th 2011 was a fantastic day.  Thank you to eveyone who came.  They were queing out the door and the Rio had to open the top part of the cinema to get everyone in!  Good effort.

The poet, Lemn Sissay was there.  He sent us his thoughts on the film and these are some great photos that he took,  Thank you very much, Lemn.

"I cycled from Clapton and wended  through Ridley Market on my way to The Rio.  Ridley Market's not a good idea with a bike in hand. I've only ever been through it once before.  Anyway,  I was looking at some African textile prints and remembering a similar shopping experience in Gambia twenty years ago and then  heard a cockney voice selling tomatoes from another stall  "two paaaaaands the lot".   

For all kinds of questionable reasons these two experiences, the sound and the sight, are  separated in the media - it's untruthful. You over there and you over there.  But the truth was right there on Ridley market  and  it was  shot through the film too and I loved it.  Your film is a rare thing."    

Saturday December 4th 2010  NFT3 BFI Conference "Reframing Poetry" with Simon Armitage & Michael Rosen

Friday March 18th  2011   HACKNEY PODCAST event, Red Gallery, Shoreditch, EC1

Saturday April 30th   EAST END FILM FESTIVAL 2011,  Rio Cinema, 1.30 pm

Thursday May 12th   "Students, paupers and patients: The many lives of the St Philips Building" 7.30 pm 
St Philips Building, Sheffield Street, WC2A 2EX, London, United Kingdom

Open-Air event with Open Dalston, entrance to garden by the Hackney Peace Mural at 13 Dalston Lane, London E8

Saturday June 25th  RIO CINEMA, Dalston, 2.30 pm 
Special matinee plus shorts with East London setting.  Q & A 

Sunday July 3rd    MARXISM 2011central London, 9.00 pm

Saturday July 9th  LEDBURY POETRY FESTIVALHerefordshire

Sunday July 17th  FLOATING CINEMA, SHOREDITCH FESTIVAL, 6pm & 7 pm. Q & A 
Waterhouse Restaurant,  Regent's Canal,  Orsman Road,  N1 5QJ

Tuesday July 19th   HACKNEY SOCIETY at Hackney Museum, London E8  6.15 pm 

 Sunday September 25th   APPLEDORE BOOK FESTIVAL, North Devon  11.30 am