Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hoxton Hall - Friday 23 November 2012 - 7 pm

Under The Cranes-Screening, exhibition and Q&A

23rd November 2012


£6 Full price | £4 Conc. | £3 School Group
Blending drama and documentary styles, Under the Cranes is a beautifully conceived meditation on the multicultural history of  Hackney and the changes that continue to shape this part of East London. Director Emma-Louise Williams seeks to counter the prevailing perception of the inner city as a site of failure, ugliness and misdeed through a socio-poetics of everyday life. Breaking with the linear narrative convention, the audience is invited to apprehend the city as a sequence of interwoven vignettes: 'past in the present; present in the past.  The screening will be followed by a Q & A with poet Michael Rosen and Emma-Louise Williams.  Accompanied by “The Changing Face of Hackney” exhibition of local people’s work.
What other people say

“ Engaging, gentle, dreamlike – Williams’ Hackney is a layered, shifting place teeming with multiple voices and realities, echoed verbally by Rosen’s collage of reminiscence, characteristically generous poetry and collected urban folksongs. Rosen’s presence reminds us of east London’s reputation as a place of political upheaval”
Sight and Sound
“ This beautifully constructed film urges us to recognise what is already there, at the heart of a diverse and thriving community, while raising the question that perhaps we are all living in the shadow of the cranes.”
The Socialist Review


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